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Marijuana, the Brickyard House, Selling, Subdividing, and Subsidizing

City Council meets tonight at 6:30.  They will name the three final members of the Amendment 64 (marijuana) task force.  They will also consider whether to extend the lease/option to purchase agreement for the Brickyard House with Golden Landmarks Association.  They will consider an offer on a lot owned by the city near the city shops on Pine Ridge Road.  The lot would be used for an office building.  They will consider a request to subdivide a lot in the Golden Ridge area, where the new transit-oriented apartments will be built.  They will be asked to approve a bid to repair our water intake pipeline.  Finally, they will consider a resolution to support “Fair Net Metering.”  This resolution is a response to Xcel Energy’s plan to cut back on subsidies for residential solar.  If you want to comment on any of the above, show up for the meeting!  If you just want to watch, you can do so on Cable Channel 8 or through the city website.