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The Sustainability Board will meet tonight at 6:30 in city council chambers.  They will review the language for a proposed ordinance that will make “pay as you throw” trash collection city-wide.  (Some entities–such as HOAs and apartment complexes–with previously existing contracts for trash collection were exempt when this ordinance was first enacted.)

City Council will meet tomorrow night at 6:30.  Their agenda includes a public hearing on further restricting public use of tobacco in Golden.  They will discuss an upcoming project to install new culverts for Kinney’s Run between 23rd and 24th Streets.  What has been a weed-filled ditched will become a nice little stream with landscaping.  More importantly, the change will significantly reduce the size of the 100 year flood plain in the valley from the high school down past Safeway.  Council will also approve a new contract for the bus shelters and their advertising.  A study session after the business meeting will discuss proposed work to be done on the Astor House.