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Don’t forget today’s Bike and Pedestrian Safety Lab at the Library. Drop in any time between 4 and 5:30 this afternoon. Feel confident and safe when out on two wheels. Bike and pedestrian safety experts are on hand to help your family brush up on the rules of the sidewalk and road. Bring your helmets, wheels (bikes, scooters, etc.) and get an equipment check and feel safe hitting the street, sidewalks and trails. The Golden Police Department, Golden Optimists and Wheat Ridge Active Transportation Advisory Team will be on hand to get your family ready to roll.

Golden United will be at the Sherpa House from 6-7:30, discussing Campaign Finance Reform. You are invited to join in the discussion. The Sherpa House will be offering a discount on dinner to discussion participants.

New construction in Golden Colorado

Protecting Golden’s Neighborhoods
Head to the Golden Library at 6:30 this evening to join Golden neighbors in exploring ways to preserve Golden’s historic neighborhoods in the face of redevelopment pressure. This group is requesting that City Council and the Planning Commission modify CMU-NC and CMU-CC1 zoning. If approved, this will ensure that any new buildings fill no more than 40% of the property and will require some setback and landscaping between the building and the sidewalk. Residents are encouraged to write letters to the Planning Commission in support of this request, and there will be “group letters” at tonight’s meeting for supporters to sign.

New Terrain Brewing Company is hosting Fireside Pickers starting at 6PM this evening.

Golden Beer Talks - Golden Colorado

Tomorrow night’s Golden Beer Talk will be fun and interesting, featuring Johanna Kovarik, U.S.Forest Service, National Cave and Karst Program Coordinator, telling us about A Life Underground: Studying and Stewarding the Magical Subterranean World of Caves. Learn more….