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Movies and Music or Murder, Mayhem, & Madness?

As long as the thunderstorms stay away, we should have a beautiful evening tonight in Golden.  The moon is near full, and we’re having one of those extra-large “super moons” this month.  The moon will rise at 6:18 PM, so we’ll be able to watch it emerge from behind South Table Mountain during Music and Movies in the Park.  The music, an a cappella vocal group called Face, will begin at 7.  The movie, Men in Black, will begin as soon as it’s dark enough–about 8:30.

Another alternative would be the “Murder, Mayhem, and Madness” tour, which starts at 8PM from the Visitors Center (10th & Washington).  The tour guide, Joel Chirhart, really knows his Golden history.  This isn’t so much a ghost tour as a series of tales about murders, shootings, and lynchings that took place back in Golden’s “wild west” days.  (I’ll be taking the tour tonight, for the third time, because I have house guests who want to go!)

The Jazzcats will be playing 1950s-style jazz tonight at the Windy Saddle Cafe from 6 to 8.