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Planning Ahead for the Weekend

The Lariat Loop has recently been designated as a National Scenic Byway.  The 40 mile route runs from Golden, up Lookout Mountain to Evergreen, down to Morrison and back in front of Red Rocks to Golden.

This Sunday, we’ll be inaugurating a new event:  the First Annual Lariat Loop Cruise.  The group will leave Golden at 3, drive the 40 mile scenic route, and end in Bear Creek State Park at 4.  There will be a free barbecue at the park, followed by a movie at about 7.  It should be a beautiful drive: at those altitudes, the aspens may be starting to turn.

Please register by 2:30 at the Coors Wellness Center, 12th and Ford.  The $15 registration fee includes a goodie bag with items from merchants and attractions along the route, the barbecue, and the movie.  Should be a lot of fun!  Learn more about the cruise!.