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Remember how wildly popular and crowded Clear Creek was last summer?  The creek was filled with tubers, the sidewalks were filled with pedestrians, cyclists, and people carrying their tubes and air mattresses upstream for another run.  There were also people climbing down the stream banks, rearranging the rocks on the creek bed, and setting up tents along the creek for a day-long party.  Then there was smoking, drinking, and littering.  Before long, there was concern that our idyllic little creek was being loved to death.

How can we keep Clear Creek a clean, safe, pleasant place for recreation?  Can we continue to welcome visitors without letting them trash our resources?

This is a problem that the National Park Service deals with all the time.  They host millions of visitors every year, while keeping the parks safe for humans, animals, and vegetation.

The city has invited the National Park Service to host a workshop this Tuesday evening (2/12) from 5:30-7 at the community center.  Come review the issues and possible solutions, and weigh in on how you think the creek should be preserved and managed in the future.  If you can come as early as 4:30, you can join the Mayor and several city council members in walking along the creek prior to the workshop.  That walk will start at Vanover Park (Clear Creek and Ford Street).