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Retail Marijuana Businesses in Golden

At their last meeting, City Council established an Amendment 64 Task Force to evaluate options regarding retail marijuana businesses in Golden. Now that selling marijuana is legal in Colorado, Golden needs to decide whether we will allow it to be sold in our City. On the pro side: potential for lots of sales tax revenue.  On the con side: the possibility of more impaired drivers on our streets. (Of course, it’s easy for people to buy it elsewhere and still come to Golden stoned.)

If we do allow retail marijuana in Golden, should we specify where?  Should we say it doesn’t belong downtown or within a certain distance from a school? How about the service road along Interstate 70, past Heritage Square? That location would serve people driving into the mountains without being close to any of our neighborhoods. Or do we just want no part of it?

These are the kind of questions that the task force will be considering.  They will give their recommendations to City Council in April.

Six members of the 9-person task force were appointed by the Council.  They are accepting applications for the remaining 3 positions.  Learn more about the task force on the City website.