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There are several festive options around town today.

Sunday is a good day to go downtown for a free carriage ride, because the lines are much shorter than they are on Saturdays.  Most of the downtown stores are also open, so you can get in some efficient, low-crowd shopping.  Cap it off with some coffee or hot chocolate.

The Santa Special is running today at the Railroad Museum.  You can visit Santa, or if you’ve already made your arrangements with him, just enjoy riding the old train around the museum grounds.  The Railroad Museum is beautiful with snow on the ground.

Santa Claus is also at Heritage Square today, in the very Christmas-y Wedding Chapel.  A photographer is right there, to get perfect Santa Photos.  The stores are also open.  It’s a good place to get Western-style gifts.

Tonight is Acoustic Alley’s final concert of the fall season.  Rocky Mountain Jewgrass applies bluegrass styling to traditional Jewish music, resulting in “a high lonesome kvetch.”.