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Supplemental – Tonight’s movie starts at 6, not 7

Correction:  In case you were planning to attend tonight’s movie about energy, Switch, please note that it starts at 6, not 7 as we previously reported.

Golden’s newest landmarks

Golden Landmarks Association has announced this year’s Living Landmarks honorees:

Charlie and Janine Sturdavant (founders of Golden City Brewery)
Carole Lomond (retired publisher of City and Mountain Views magazine and author of Jefferson County, Colorado – A Unique and Eventful History!)
Mike Bestor (retiring City Manager of Golden)
The Golden Civic Foundation.

The honorees will be celebrated at a banquet at Mount Vernon Country Club on Friday May 29th.  Purchase tickets by phone (303.279.1236) or online.

This year’s Landmarks join an exulted company of previous honorees:

2002-Ruben Hartmeister, Verna Katona, Lorraine Wagenbach
2003-Alice Dempsey, Heine Foss, Irma Wyhs
2004-Viona Hader, Charles Hearn, Larry Williams
2005-Carol Dickinson, Marvin Kay, Donna Miller
2006-Mary Curtis, Gene Child, Jo Ann Thistlewood
2007-Holly Coors, Mary Ramstetter, Jack Galland
2008-Elliot Brown, Chip Parfet, Tom & Donna Plummer
2009-Chuck Baroch, Arlone Child, Hal & Helen Leith
2010-Tom Atkins, Gwyn Green, Nancy Mason
2011-John Tracy, Lynda Wentworth, Golden Fire Dept.
2012-Meg Van Ness, Judy Denison, Colorado Railroad Museum
2013-Gudy Gaskill, Gary Wink, Westernaires
2014-TJ Mullin, Barb Warden, CSM Geology Museum