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full solar eclipse with yell-orange corona against black background
Photo provided by Frank Hanou

Our frequent photographer Frank Hanou contributed this helpful eclipse information:

Get ready for the Great American Solar Eclipse on Monday, April 8!  It's the last one visible in the U.S. until October, 2044 (which happens to come right through Colorado). Sadly, Golden is not in the 110 mile wide swath of totality - that's pretty much running through Texas, the Midwest, and all the way to New England. 

You won't see the dazzling corona here but it will still be well worth your effort to take a look (wear certified eclipse glasses to avoid eye damage!). In Golden, the "obscuration" (coverage) will max out at 64.539%.  We'll see a total of 2 hours and 25 minutes of the partial eclipse. 

You'll first see a bite at 11:28 am, maximum coverage at 12:40 pm, and the (sad) end at 1:53 pm.

photo showing a yellow-orange crescent of sun in the upper-right hand quadrant against a black background
Photo provided by Frank Hanou

The photo above is close to what Goldenites will see on Monday.  The second picture is what those who are lucky enough to be in the "Path of Totality" will see.  Hoping for clear skies.  And remember - wear eye protection (and use a solar filter if you plan on taking photos)!!!