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About two weeks ago, began experiencing extraordinarily heavy traffic–so heavy that it couldn’t possibly have been real users trying to access the site.  This situation is called a “Denial of Service Attack.”  It happens when someone is deliberately trying to disable a particular server.  They use automated computers all over the world to send hit after hit after hit to a single web server.

This kind of thing happens every now and then, but usually the attacks last for a few hours, and then they move on to harass someone else. This time they didn’t.  The attack went on day after day.  We would restart the server, it would run for an hour or so, and then it would be overwhelmed again.  My system administrator commented that this kind of focused attention is usually reserved for presidential campaign sites!

So I’ve moved to a much larger hosting company that has bigger machines and a huge staff, dedicated to preventing this kind of thing from taking down their servers.

Unfortunately, all of this crashing and restarting of the server has disrupted the daily emails that I send out.  Delivery has been sporadic, and when they have made it through, some have contained old information or several days’ worth of announcements.  I apologize for that–I try hard to deliver interesting, timely, and accurate information, and it’s been torture to see the emails come out so badly!

Anyway, I believe this particular war is over, and that the emails will be back on track and back on schedule from here on.  Thanks for sticking with me!

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Barb Warden