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Monday:  The Downtown Development Authority meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  They will view a presentation by the City’s marketing manager about our new tourism campaign (Visit Golden).  They will vote to approve the final version of their 2015 action plan.  They will discuss the planned demolition and redesign of the planter at 13th and Washington (NW corner).  They will discuss pricing and options for new trash & recycling compactors for downtown.  If you’re unclear on what the DDA does, check tonight’s meeting packet for a detailed description and action plan.  This meeting will be broadcast live (audio only) through the City website.

Tuesday:  The Parks and Recreation Board will meet at 7 in the Golden Community Center.  They will review plans for the new interchange at Highway 6 and 19th Street.  The new overpass will be covered with greenery; thus the interest by the Parks department.  Rick Muriby from the Planning department will discuss a possible new bike share program.  There will be some discussion of a neighborhood park–but the agenda does not specify which neighborhood.  This meeting will be recorded and posted at a later date.

Wednesday:  The Planning Commission will hold an open house from 5-8, at Faith Lutheran Church, regarding the South Golden Road neighborhood plan.  According to the City website, “The Plan will establish parameters for types of transportation improvements, public amenities, and help guide any future land use changes in the area.  While the focus will be on the main commercial corridor of South Golden Road, the larger area (for context) will include the area east of the intersection of Rimrock Drive and S. Golden Road, and the entire area south of S. Golden Road between Johnson Road and Ulysses Street, which extends all the way to US6.”

Also Wednesday:  The Sustainability Board will meet at 6:30 in City Council chambers.  The agenda is not yet available, so keep an eye on their page on the City website.

Thursday:  City Council will meet in Council Chambers at 6:30.  They will vote to approve an intergovernmental agreement with the School of Mines wherein the school will contribute $1 million to the redesigned Hwy 6 and 19th Street interchange.  They will present sustainability awards to individuals and community groups.  They will make appointments to several boards and commissions.  They will be updated on the city’s financial performance for the first quarter.  They will decide whether to allow city staff to rent offices in the Golden Visitors Center.  This meeting will be broadcast live on cable channel 8 and through the city website.