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Thursday Theme: All politics is local

President Obama will be here Thursday morning!  The City has posted a page of everything you need to know about the event, what you can bring, when to get there, etc.  (Hint…”early” is the operative word.)

In case the city’s site is overwhelmed with traffic, here’s a summary of information about the event.  You must have a ticket to get into the event.  You may not bring large bags or bottles.  Water will be available on-site.  No umbrellas or sharp objects will be permitted, and no signs will be allowed.  There will be a “gate” at the southwest corner of Lions Park, which will open at 8:30 AM, and you will go through a security checkpoint.  Small cameras and cell phones will be permitted.  Parking will be very scarce downtown, so if you can possibly walk or ride a bike, do!  The President is expected to speak at about 11.

As if that isn’t enough excitement for one day, City Council meets tonight at 7.