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The Golden Community Center is celebrating their 20th anniversary!  A week of festivities is planned, starting tonight, but there’s not a lot of information online, so your best bet may be to call the Center for details:  303-384-8100.

Neighborhood meeting to discuss The Triangle.

There will be a neighborhood meeting this afternoon at 4:30 to discuss “the triangle.”  This is the piece of land at the intersection of East Street and South Golden Road.  There have been a couple of informal  meetings to discuss how the Triangle should look and whether or not there should be other uses proposed for the parcel. Based on these previous meetings, the native grasses were mowed. But the City is still seeking a more long-term plan and hopes to gain input from the community for future landscaping and other suggested uses of the parcel.

The new Natural Grocers store kicks off their Grand Opening today.  Stop by…they’re giving away food!