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You’ve probably been hearing about a bike race coming through Golden this weekend, and wondering whether it will affect you.  The answer is, if you’re in town, it will.  There will be a lot of road closures, particularly on Sunday, and we expect huge crowds.  However, it should be a lot of fun and quite interesting.

A number of world-class racing teams are participating in this race, including the top three contenders from this year’s Tour de France.  The race is taking place over the course of a week, and has already begun.

The cyclists will begin the last stage of the race here in Golden on Sunday morning and will end in Denver.  They’re taking a circuitous route, which will bring them through downtown Golden three times on Sunday morning.

A team of incredibly dedicated and hard-working volunteers has been preparing for this for months, and they’ve put together a very helpful brochure that covers road closures, parking, and a complete schedule of events.

Check the Pro Cycling Golden website for all the details!.