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Are you wondering why people are talking so much about this “Goose” event at the Railroad Museum?  The Galloping Goose was invented here in Colorado, and only seven of them were made.  They were created at a time when traditional rail service was becoming too expensive to maintain for a remote section of southwestern Colorado.  These vehicles began as automobiles and had cargo boxes added.  They ran on gasoline engines and were fitted with wheels that would run on train tracks.  By using these rather unlovely (but economical) vehicles, the Rio Grande Southern Railroad managed to continue servicing the area between Durango and Ridgeway for another twenty-one years–from 1931 to 1952.

Six of the seven of these Galloping Geese have been gathered here in Golden this weekend at the Colorado Railroad Museum.  This event is of historic interest to the railroading community, and it has drawn visitors from all over the world to see it.  You have until 5 o’clock this afternoon to visit the museum and see this historic gathering of old colleagues.