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In a moment that many thought would never come, the City Council voted in favor of an agreement with the Colorado Department of Transportation regarding changes to Highways 6 and 93.  The north-south road that leads from Golden to Boulder (which is Hwy 6 south of 58 and Hwy 93 north of it) will get a grade-separated intersection at 19th Street.  The highway will be covered (and become de facto parkland) in three areas north of 58.  The speed limit through Golden will be 45 miles per hour.

We may not like the unbridled growth and militant push for a beltway displayed by our neighbors from the north, but we’ve done a good job of ensuring that the effects on Golden will be minimized.

Congratulations to Mayor Sloan and the rest of Council for the grace, tact, and hard work that made this compromise possible, and thanks to the city staff and (never thought we’d say this!) CDOT staff for the countless hours of work they dedicated to hammering out the plan.

You can review the plan online.  Now all we have to do is put it into effect!