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The Golden Civic Foundation is being its usual munificent self.  Every November, they hold a big fund-raising dinner & auction, and every February, they hold a lunch where they give away every penny that they raised!  Last week, they distributed thousands and thousands (and THOUSANDS!) of dollars to Golden’s schools, museums, and other non-profit organizations.  It’s so interesting to hear the various things that will be purchased with the grant money–from computers, to books, security devices, scholarships, food for the needy, and so many other things.  See the grants list on the Civic Foundation’s website to see the range of Golden organizations that benefited, and the list of things they’ll be getting.  And if you know someone on the Civic Foundation board, be sure to thank them.  If you live in Golden, you’re almost certainly benefiting from some of their grants!

The Buffalo Rose has a Santana tribute band playing tonight, starting at 6:30.  Grappa has Patrice LeBlanc playing a grand piano from 6-9.  The Ace Hi has Karaoke, starting at 9.

Tomorrow morning, State Representative Jessie Danielson will host a town hall meeting at the City Hall from 10-11.  This is a good chance to learn what the legislature is doing this term, and to ask questions and express your concerns.