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Golden Eye Candy – Bud Rockhill – Biker Bunny – enlarge

Real World Events

10AM-3PM Brunch at the Rose @ Buffalo Rose
11AM-4PM Easter Egg Hunt @ The Golden Mill
11AM-9PM Adult Easter Egg Hunt @ Holidaily Brewing
12-2PM Full Walking Tour @ Dinosaur Ridge
2PM Blue Ridge @ Miners Alley Playhouse

Live Music

11AM-2PM Chris Koza @ Buffalo Rose (Sky Bar Stage)
2PM Direville @ Dirty Dogs Roadhouse
4-7PM Dallet Band @ Buffalo Rose (Sky Bar Stage)
8PM Karaoke @ Ace Hi Tavern

Golden History Moment

Shiny New Post Office – Golden History Museum Collection – enlarge

The post office at 12th and Jackson opened in November of 1940. Funded by the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.), it was Golden’s first stand-alone post office building and was a source of considerable civic pride. It stood across the street from Golden’s new Central School–later renamed Mitchell Elementary, and also funded by the W.P.A.

81 Years Ago
The April 17, 1941 Colorado Transcript announced a welcome addition to the new post office.

Golden Post Office with the convenient exterior mail box – Golden History Museum collection – enlarge

AN EXTERIOR mail box, for the convenience of those who arrive at the post office after the building is closed, is going to be installed. It’s much better than stuffing letters under the door or just leaving them on the door step.
Colorado Transcript
– April 17, 1941

This provided an interesting insight into the mailing customs of 1941!

Thanks to the Golden History Museum for providing the online cache of historic Transcripts, and to the Golden Transcript for documenting our history since 1866!