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Guess what?  It’s going to rain today!  We’ve had more than 7 inches of rain so far this week.  Several areas in Jefferson County have dangerous flooding.  See the County’s website for the latest news about flooding throughout the County.  So far, Golden is reasonably safe, but you should avoid the walking paths along Clear Creek and Tucker Gulch.  Keep an eye on the City’s website to see if our conditions change.

On the positive side, we have some rare phenomena happening on North and South Table Mountains: waterfalls!  The tops of the mountains are so saturated that in several places, water is surging over the capstone, forming waterfalls. Get out and look at them if you can, but enjoy them from a distance, as we’ve had some boulders being washed down the mountains.

DocuWest film festival continues today, and both of the Golden venues (Foothills Art Center and the Mountaineering Center) are delightfully dry.