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The third trout is submerged up to his back and his fin - photo by Jeremy Keller

At this time of the year, it's always interesting to watch the water rising in the Creek. This happens because the snow is melting in the high country and the run-off makes its way down to Clear Creek. One of my favorite ways to measure the water level is by watching Pat Madison's bronze trout statues--located below Parfet Park, next to the Creek--slowly submerge.

Pat created that school of fish (collectively titled "Return of the Cutthroat") to celebrate the restoration of Clear Creek as a fishing stream, after more than a century of fish-killing levels of pollution. You can learn more about the grouping and listen to Pat describe them in this one minute video.

The third fish in the group is the lowest, and the first to be touched by the rising water. When Jeremy Keller sent me this photo yesterday, the back and dorsal fin of that third trout were still above water. If the visit the Creek today, check to see whether any more of that fish has gone under.

Rotary Amphitheater - Photo by Chris Davell

The lower tier of the Rotary Amphitheater (behind the Visitors Center) is also under water now.

The usually clear and placid Creek--with just enough current to be fun for tubers--is now brown with churned soil and moving downstream at a frightening clip. The Jeffco Sheriff has closed the Creek to tubers and swimmers. Only kayakers are allowed at this time.

Kayakers enjoying having the Creek to themselves - Photo by Chris Davell

You can track the depth of the water by checking the USGS page for Golden, Colorado.