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It’s less than three weeks now until the West Rail Line begins operation, and RTD has begun offering a few preview tours.  The team took the trip yesterday.  The ride was smooth and quiet and the views were wonderful!  Here are few snippets of information and links that should be of interest to Golden people.

  1. The trip from the Jeffco Courthouse into Union Station in lower downtown Denver will cost $4.  The train schedule is available on the RTD website.
  2. Two buses will circulate around Golden, collecting people and bringing them to the rail stop.  You can ride the bus within Golden for $2.25, or get a transfer and ride the bus and the light rail for $4.  The City has posted information about the bus/call-and-ride service.
  3. Union Station in Denver is being renovated and a hotel is being added to it.  That project will be finished in 2014.
  4. The rail line to DIA (the airport) will be finished in 2016, so at that time we’ll be able to take a train to Union Station in Denver and transfer to another that runs to the airport.  (No more paying for parking at the airport!)
  5. West rail line will begin service on Friday April 26th, and service on just the West line will be free that day.  Parties will be held at most of the stations along the West line on Saturday April 27th, and the entire light rail system (all over the metro area) will be free that day!
  6. Realtor Jim Smith rode the new rail line last week, and took a video, which he’s posted on YouTube.  To watch the final approach into the Golden station, skip ahead to about 6 minutes, 15 seconds.

Are you excited yet?